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ELMONORDIC has a sturdy structure and distinct character. It is a Semi-Anilin leather with an extensive shade card. The leather is durable and suitable for public areas. Visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds add to the elegant character of the leather.


Grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. All Elmo leather is dyed through and tested at Elmo's laboratory. A hide is selected at random from every batch of finished leather and checked in accordance with the following:


Technical Specifications:


Property Target Value Method

Thickness 1.0 – 1.3mm

Lightfastness 6 ISO 105-B02

Dry-rubbing 2000/4 ISO 11640

Wet-rubbing 80/4 ISO 11640

Sweat 50/4 ISO 11640

Tear-strength 20 N/mm DIN 53329

Finish adhesion 2.0 N/cm SO 11644


Flame resistance:

Furniture, certificate BS 5852 CRIB 5

Certificate California 117

Motor vehicles (CAT M3) , certificate DIR 95/28/EC

Furniture, certificate EN 1021-1

Furniture, certificate EN 1021-2

Aircraft, certificate FAR 25.853(a)

Ship/off-shore, certificate IMO A652(16)

Automotive, certificate ISO 3795

Furniture, certificate ISO 8191:1

Furniture, certificate ISO 8191:2

Furniture, certificate DIN 53438

Furniture, certificate ÖNORM B 3825

Furniture, certificate SS-ISO 3795

Heat of combustion, certificate EN ISO 1716

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  • $550.00/per Hide ($11.00/FT2)

    • Average Hide Size: 50 Square Feet (-/+10%).
    • Leather is Sold by the Hide with one (1) Hide minimum per order.